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Investigations & Applications

Micro X-ray Fluorescence Map of Garnet Schist

Application of Micro XRF in a SEM to show the distribution of trace elements in a a garnet schist.

From: IXRF Systems, Inc.
IXRF Systems, Inc.
Authors: Anna S. Teetsov and Mary L. Stellmack
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Material Characterization Application Literature

This section of the EDAX website contains micro EDXRF, EDS, and EBSD articles in pdf format for downloading. Micro XRF articles cover a range of disciplines and include:
- Glass Particle Analysis
Non-Destructive Authentication of Gemstones and Coins
- Silicone Distribution on Consumer Paper
FP Quantification of Thermal Barrier Ceramics
- Coating Thickness and Composition Analysis by Micro-EDXRF

From: EDAX Inc.
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Technical Overviews

Bench-top micro-XRF - a useful apparatus for geochemists?

The authors share their experince in evaluating micro XRf for geological applications. Topics are Focusing and collimating X-ray beams in commercial μ-XRF instruments, Lateral vs. vertical resolution (or what is the best spot size), Lateral resolution and fluorescence yield (or what is the best capilliary option) and Detection limit and quantitative analysis. Finally micro XRF is compared with other techniques commonly used in the geological sciences.

From: , Universiteit Utrecht
Universiteit Utrecht
Authors: Thilo Behrends and Pieter Kleingeld
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