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Stereology Informatica

Stereology Information Center, offers a wide range of information about stereology. This site is designed to introduce both basic and advanced concepts in the field of stereology. The emphasis is on the use of stereology in biological research, though anyone interested in learning the basic concepts of stereology will find something of interest.

From: MBF Bioscience - MicroBrightField, Inc.
MBF Bioscience - MicroBrightField, Inc.
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Micropositioning for Microscopy

An overview of combining submicron positioning stages with resolutions of 20- to 50-nm and repeatability accuracies as low as 200 nm with powerful imaging software to make your microscope more effective.

From: Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI)
Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI)
Authors: John Zemek, Dr. Colin Monks and Dr. Ben Freiberg, Biophotonics International magazine, May 2003
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