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Digital Imaging in Optical Microscopy

A web-based instructional format that starts with the basics and proceeds through the most current research techniques in microscopy. Created by Olympus and Molecular Expressions.

From: Olympus America, Inc.
Olympus America, Inc.
Web Link is a forum for discussion and ideas about Electron Multiplying CCD technology. The information within this site is designed to educate you about this powerful new technology, how and where it is being applied.

From: Andor Technology plc
Andor Technology plc
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CCD University from Apogee Instruments

Detailed technical articles on CCD sensors.

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Digital Imaging in Optical Microscopy

From Digital Imaging in Optical Microscopy, Nikon MicroscopyU

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Introduction to Digital Imaging

A collection of articles covering all aspects of digital imaging technology. From Molecular Expressions, Michael W. Davidson, Mortimer Abramowitz, Olympus America Inc., and The Florida State University

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Digital Microscopy Leica Science Lab

The Leica site is includes articles by staff, freelance writers, and users, tutorials, and abstracts that are linked to publications. Webinars are available on demand and require registration.

From: Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH
Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH
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Pixel Array Size Needed to Replace Photomicrographs on Film

Ted Clarke, Scientific Photographer and Instrument Maker

From: , McCrone Associates, Inc.
McCrone Associates, Inc.
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Microscopy and Digital Imaging Articles and White Papers

Repository of technical articles and white papers on digital imaging in microscopy. Includes papers on three shot color, digital imaging key concepts, magnification and sample size calculations, digital image capture, image correction and more.

From: Spot Imaging Systems
Spot Imaging Systems
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Resolution: 3-Shot vs Color Mosaic

Whitepaper from Diagnostic Instruments

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Got Good Color?- Color Matching for digital microscopy

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CCD Camera Image Correction Methods

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