Resources Staining and Embedding

Protocols and Procedures

IHC World

Knowledge center contains helpful articles and protocols and links to thousands of additional resources. The site is well organized by subject into the histology, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, immunofluoresecence. The site is actively maintained.

From: IHC World
IHC World
Authors: Richard An
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Includes stains, dyes, and preparation for histotechnology.

Authors: Bryan D. Llewellyn
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Applications, Techniques, and Protocols

Product and technical information. The technical information includes papers MMA embedding and staining procedures.

From: Energy Beam Sciences
Energy Beam Sciences
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Electron Microscopy Sciences Technical Data Sheets

A collection of almost 100 information sheets for a wide variety of EM plastic resins, fixatives, and other products used in sample preparation.

From: Electron Microscopy Sciences
Electron Microscopy Sciences
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