Resources Live Cell Microscopy


Mission to the Inside of a Living Cell

Introduction to the use of probes to monitor dynamic events in living cells and the future for detection of cancer.

From: Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory, NIH National Cancer Institute
Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory, NIH National Cancer Institute
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Technical Overviews

Live cell imaging and systems biology

The articles summarizes current capabilities of live cell microscopy including FRAP, FLIP, FCS, time-lapse imaging, FRET, mRNA detection, or promoter-specific binding and discusses the application to specific molecular networks.

From: Fluorescence and Imaging Facility, NIH National Cancer Institute
Fluorescence and Imaging Facility, NIH National Cancer Institute
Authors: Myong-Hee Sung and James G McNally
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Live Cell Imaging Leica Science Lab

The Leica site is includes articles by staff, freelance writers, and users, tutorials, and abstracts that are linked to publications. Webinars are available on demand and require registration.

From: Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH
Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH
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