Resources Light Sheet Microscopy

Investigations & Applications

Light Sheet Microscopy Renaissance

Light sheet microscopy offers the advantages of reduced toxic effects to the sample and speed. Light sheet microscopy only illuminates a single plane in the sample where confocal and multi-photn send a beam through the entire sample to collect data from a single plane. This introduction covers the development of light sheet microscopy and and the priciples of the techniques.

Authors: M.A. Woodbury
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Technical Overviews

SCAPE Microscopy

The website presents an overview of SCAPE Microscopy and videos of applications. Swept, Confocally-Aligned Planar Excitation (SCAPE) microscopy is a hybrid between light-sheet microscopy and confocal scanning that provides 3D images of living things at very high speeds. The system uses single objective lens for both illumination and detection and a scanning mirror to swept an oblique light sheet and capture optically section images. Applications include a beating zebrafish heart and images of freely moving organisms.


Authors: Elizabeth Hillman
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