Resources EM X-Ray Microanalysis

Technical Overviews

Oxford Instruments X-ray Microanalysis Site

The site includes tutorials on Energy dispersive spectrometry hardware, Wavelength dispersive X-ray microanalysis and Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis for the TEM and the on-line microanalysis encyclopaedia.

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Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS)

From: Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Authors: Susan Swapp
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SDD Explained PDF download

Written by Oxford Instruments' team of detector experts, this 28 page booklet covers the principles of SDD in detail. Information is presented is an easy to understand format with drawings and graphs that will benefit students as well as experts. Topics include electron beam and specimen interactions, generation of X-rays from the sample, detextion of x-rays by the SDD, processing of the raw data, and how artefacts such as ballistic deficit and pulse pile are managed.

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Microanalysis from My Scope

Easily the best resource on the web on energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) microanalysis with detailed sections on x-ray generation and resolution, qualitative and quantitative analysis, x-ray mapping. Animantions are used to visual process such as x-ray generation.

From: , University of Sydney
University of Sydney
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EDS in the TEM Explained

Nice overview of the energy dispersive spectroscopy in a transmision electron microscope. Topic disussed include SiLi and Silicon Drift detectors, qualitative and quantitative analysis in the TEM, mapping and linescans, and drift corrections.

From: Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
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Investigations & Applications

Applications for Automated Particle Analysis

Automated EDS analysis in a scanning electron can be used for chemical classification of particles in a sample. Applications summarized include gun shot residue, mining concentrates, and environmental samples.

From: EDAX Inc.
Authors: Robert Anderhalt and Lara Swenson
Citation: Microscopy Today, September 2006
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