Applications K to 12


The Smallest Page on the Web

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The smallest web page on the web is a collection of images of fresh water microorganisms. Artist Wim van Egmond specializing in photomicrography and stereoscopy.
Source: Wim van Egmond 

Microscopic Explorations

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This Great Explorations in Math and Science or GEMS guide features ten learning stations designed to enliven student curiosity in a wide diversity of scientific fields. It represents an innovative partnership between GEMS and the Microscopy Society of America.
Source: Lawrence Hall of Science 

Fun Science Gallery

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Collection of articles that include building a glass-sphere microscope, a stereoscopic microscope and a compound microscope as well as several articles on exploring microscopic worlds.

Technical Overviews

Amateur Micrography Front Page

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An online bulletin board community dedicated to photomacrography, amateur microscopy, and photomicrography.


The Beginner’s Guide to Microscopy

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This introduction to microscopy and specimen preparation is written at an intermediate level and is especially useful for amateur microscopists, teachers, students, or anyone that is beginning to use microscopes. The text is well organized and uses a question and answer format making it easy to find information. Included are succinct and to the point answers and video.