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TRANSMISSION-EBSD – Taking Transparency to a New Level

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The article provides an overview of electron backscatter diffraction of transparent samples or transmission EBSD. The technique has gain attention due to improved spatial resolution that allows orientation analysis of nanomaterials and deformed samples. Applications include the determination of grain orientation of samples prior to TEM so that usable grains for TEM can be identified before the sample is placed in the TEM.
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Transmission EBSD in the Scanning Electron Microscope

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The paper described a new technique transmission EBSD (t-EBSD) that obtains electron Kikuchi diffraction patterns in transmission from thin specimens in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) using a conventional electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) detector.

Hacking the SEM: Crystal Phase Detection for Nanoscale Samples

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The NIST Tech brief describes a technique Robert Keller and Roy Geiss developed to obtain electron diffraction patterns from crystals less than 120 nanometers using a scanning electron microscope with a electron back scatter detector. By altering the sample position, the crystal structure of 10 nanometer particles can be obtained. The technique is referred to as Transmission EBSD.