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James Hillier

"People had theoretically showed it could be done, but no one thought the instrument was practical. Theory showed that if you had enough electrons hitting a specimen to achieve the magnification you needed, you would burn the specimen."

James Hillier is quoted in 1997 by Business News New Jersey on the development of the transmission electron microscope. When it was discovered by a Belgian scientist that a very thin specimen would allow the electrons to pass through the sample, Hiller and Albert Prebus were able to image bacteria and carbon.

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Oral-History: James Hillier

Hillier dicusses the developement of the the first tranmission electron microscope during his graduate studies at the University of Toronto with Albert Privas. Hillier worked for RCA from 1940 to 1977. He developed the the first commercial scanning electron microscope and went on to become Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist.

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