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James Hillier

"A lot of the other companies, including GE, told me about their retirement plans and their beautiful new laboratories and not much about electron microscopy, but Zworykin showed me an old abandoned factory building. It was really a decrepit place. He asked me how soon can I build a microscope. "

After building an electron microscope at the University of Toronto, graduate students Hillier and Albert Prebus sent letters to companies that might be interested in hiring them. Dr.Vladimir Zworykin of RCA interviewed Hillier.

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Oral-History: James Hillier

Hillier dicusses the developement of the the first tranmission electron microscope during his graduate studies at the University of Toronto with Albert Privas. Hillier worked for RCA from 1940 to 1977. He developed the the first commercial scanning electron microscope and went on to become Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist.

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