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George Palade

"Cell Biology finally makes possible a century old dream: that of analysis of diseases, at the cellular level - the first step towards their final control."

Quoted from Dr. Palade's acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1974 that was shared with Albert Claude and Christian de Duve. The prize was awarded for for their creation of modern cell biology. Dr Palade developed techniques for cell fractionation and for the study of the fractions by electron microscopy.

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From Intracellular Morphology to Function: The Secretory Pathway

Working in Albert Claude research group at Rockefeller University, George Palade developed the sucrose method for cell fractionation which isolated organelles without distorting their shapes. By using osmium tetroxide better contrast was obtained in electron microscopy and Palade was able to describe the fine structure of mitochondria. This summary of Palade's work at Rockefeller University include a link references to journal articles.

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