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EMS adds a new LatticeAx™ Cleaving System to the catalog

Published: January 30, 2014

 LatticeAx Cleaving system

Electron Microscopy Sciences' highest performance cleaving solution is the NEW LatticeAx™ 300. It is a fully integrated cleaving workstation that offers 10-µm cleaving accuracy, within 5 minutes by any user of a wide range of samples. It integrates vision package with 5-µm optical resolution and precise control of all axes for accurate positioning.

Using precision knobs and following a set of instructions, it allows every user to create fine, reproducible surface indentation followed by slow, controlled sample cleaving of a wide variety of semiconductor materials.

The LatticeAx™ 300 consists of:

A vision package, a monocular microscope, color CCD camera with image display software, coarse focusing mount, fine focus, and fiber optic ring lighting. The result, 5-µm optical imaging resolution and variable zoom digitally displayed in real-time.

A robust setup integrated into a single platform to support the vision package: 13" x 17" heavy duty worksurface, industrial pole and boom, X-Y-R sample positioning stage.

Figure details: LatticeAx Cleaving system

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