Buyers Guide: Chemicals for Light Microscopy

Chemicals for Light Microscopy

Electron Microscopy Sciences

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Formaldehyde and paraormaldehyde in sodium cacodylate or phosphate buffer, Bouins, B-5,Brasil, Carsons, CytoPrep and more prepared fixatives.

Stains and Prepared Staining Solutions
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Stains and prepared solutions include hematoxylin, eosin, toluidine blue, Masson's trichrome, Weigert's elastic, alizarin, aniline, indigo and methylene.

Prepared Buffers
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Prepared buffers are ready to use with fixative. Borate, citrate, Earle's, Hepes, Millonig, mops, phosphate buffer saline, sodium cacodylate and Sorensens.