Buyers Guide: Electron Microscope Chamber Anticontaminator

Removes Hydrocarbons and Organics in SEMs

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XEI Scientific solves hydrocarbon contamination problems in Electron Microscopes and other high vacuum systems by RF plasma (glow discharge) cleaning with EVACTRON® plasma activated oxidation using air as the oxygen source. The Evactron® De-Contamination system produces Oxygen radicals for a fast, chemically reactive, oil and hydrocarbon removal process that is safe for most surfaces. Plasma Cleaning using the Evactron D-C improves scanning electron microscope performance.

Plasma Cleaners for Electron Microscopes

IBSS Group Inc.  Web Link

GV10x DS Asher patented plasma source offers ultra-high efficiency downstream hydrocarbon removal in SEMs, FIBs, and TEMs. The GV/GA bench top version cleans SEM, FIB samples and TEM holders ex-situ.

· 10x faster hydrocarbon removal – An exclusive 5 mTorr plasma generator from 10 to >50 W power creates more O0 density with long mfp yields higher cleaning efficiency.
· Gently oxidizes hydrocarbons into molecules and pumps them out of the chamber. No specimen damage from sputtering or heat.
· Faster Start, Total Control - Easy-to-use software works on any EM eliminating pump system integration. Start using GV10X in two minutes.
· Uninterrupted Specimen Analysis - Want to clean a specimen during analysis? It’s easy. Takes just 5 minutes for GV10X to cycle On/Clean/Off.