Buyers Guide: Electron Backscatter Diffraction EBSD

Quantax EBSD

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Bruker offers the flexible and easy to use QUANTAX EBSD system with the unique e-Flash EBSD detector series for maximum analytical flexibility. The system is available with the ARGUS™ forescattered / backscattered electron imaging system and with full integration with Bruker‘s QUANTAX EDS with simultaneous acquisitions at up to 930 patterns/s. The e-FlashHR outputs 1600x1200 pixel images of EBSD patterns at acquisition speed of 140 patterns/s (10x10 binning) and 170 patterns/s (20x20 binning). Measurements at low acceleration voltages (down to 5 kV) and low beam currents (down to 0.1 nA) are supported. The e–Flash1000 EBSD detector is capable of recording 630 patterns/s using 4x4 binning. An acquisition speed of 930 patterns/s can be attained using 8x8 binning.