Buyers Guide: SEM and TEM Resolution Testing and Calibration

Calibration standards for TEM and STEM

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SEM, TEM and STEM Magnification Calibration
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Magnification calibration standards for transmission electron and scanning electron microscopy include nanosphere and microsphere particle standards, grating replicas, catalase crystals with lattice planes of 8.75nm and 6.85nm, and MAG*I*CAL™ cross milled specimen of a series of atomically flat layers of Si and SiGe calibrated to the <111> spacing of silicon.

Astigmatism Correction
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Holey carbon fim and evaporate Pt Ir specimens are available for focus and astigmatism correction.

EM Resolution
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The medium to ultra high scanning electron microscope (SEM) resolution test specimens use the resolved gaps and number of gray levels in the image as criteria.

Backscattered Electron Reference
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Backscattered electron reference samples are available as pairs of ultrapure metals with atomic differences of 1 and as copper zinc alloy with two phases differing in atomic number of 0.1 for a more sensitive standard.

Energy Dispersive X-ray Peaks
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The X-Checker contains manganese to measure full width at half max detector resolution, copper and aluminum to perform spectral calibration, and carbon for low energy x-rays. Boron nitride and fluorine are available.